English to Maori Meaning of switch - whakakā

Switch :

whakakā, huringa, rerekē, rerekētanga, irakētanga

whiu, whakakā, hiako, pokeranu, he mea patu, patu, hipi toa, pēhi, whakawiri, mirimiri, uakuti, rerekē, huringa, whakarereketia, haere, Veer, piko

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Definitions of switch in English
Noun(1) control consisting of a mechanical or electrical or electronic device for making or breaking or changing the connections in a circuit(2) an event in which one thing is substituted for another(3) hairpiece consisting of a tress of false hair; used by women to give shape to a coiffure(4) railroad track having two movable rails and necessary connections; used to turn a train from one track to another or to store rolling stock(5) a flexible implement used as an instrument of punishment(6) a basketball maneuver; two defensive players shift assignments so that each guards the player usually guarded by the other(7) the act of changing one thing or position for another
Verb(1) change over, change around, as to a new order or sequence(2) exchange or give (something(3) lay aside, abandon, or leave for another(4) make a shift in or exchange of(5) cause to go on or to be engaged or set in operation(6) flog with or as if with a flexible rod(7) reverse (a direction, attitude, or course of action
Examples of switch in English
(1) Opinion polls show more than half of Britons are opposed to ditching the pound although an increasing number feel the switch is inevitable.(2) Okay, now switch roles and pretend you are the declarer.(3) The deflection diverted it and Gordon had to switch direction to get a hand to it and palm it away.(4) Had this switch been left aligned for the passing track until the switch at the opposite end of the passing track was opened, a red signal would have been displayed.(5) Despite McKenzie's bullish predictions about take-up, the switch from NT to Windows 2000 is likely to be a gradual one.(6) ÔÇÿA good manager should be able to switch roles at any time,ÔÇÖ he said.(7) He pressed the switch to deactivate the program, then his weapons faded and he opened the door.(8) It is passing a recently constructed switch , which will be installed near MP 31 in Newark, CA.(9) Like most authorities, the lion's share of the increases has been made necessary by a massive switch of the burden of taxation from national to local government.(10) the guard hit a switch and the gate swung open(11) She wanted a whippy switch off a willow tree in the front yard.(12) So a switch to coal would increase the greenhouse gas effect of fossil fuel usage.(13) she's managed to switch careers(14) The next day, they are out on the street corner comparing their presents and neither is happy, so they switch gifts with each other.(15) Remember, if you wish to switch lenders mid-term different exit penalties may apply.(16) In later years private contractors installed the siding while the railway installed the switch .
Related Phrases of switch
(1) switch on ::
whakawhiti i runga i
(2) switch off ::
whakawhiti atu
(3) power switch ::
mana whakakā
(4) light switch ::
whakakā marama
(5) switch to ::
whakawhiti ki
(6) switch over ::
whakawhiti i runga i
(7) ignition switch ::
whakakā pātīmata
(8) limit switch ::
whakakā rohe
(9) main switch ::
whakakā matua
(10) toggle switch ::
whakakā takahuri
1. button ::
2. change ::
3. branch ::
4. shift ::
5. electric switch ::
whakakā hiko
6. substitution ::
7. change ::
8. exchange ::
9. alternate ::
10. trade ::
11. shift ::
12. flip ::
13. switch over ::
whakawhiti i runga i
Different Forms
switch, switchable, switched, switcher, switchers, switches, switching
Word Example from TV Shows
Have him switch with somebody.
Just get it done.

Have him SWITCH with somebody. Just get it done.

Breaking Bad Season 5, Episode 8

Just flip the switch until the lights
on the drone change to solid yellow.

Just flip the SWITCH until the lights on the drone change to solid yellow.

The Big Bang Theory Season 8, Episode 22

Shall we switch topics
to Isaac Newton v. Gottfried Leibniz?

Shall we SWITCH topics to Isaac Newton v. Gottfried Leibniz?

The Big Bang Theory Season 3, Episode 11

How would you convince them
to switch to ours?

How would you convince them to SWITCH to ours?

The Big Bang Theory Season 8, Episode 1

are making the switch
to television.

are making the SWITCH to television.

The Big Bang Theory Season 7, Episode 10

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